MAGELLAN Asset Management

“The Inceptive team are part of the DNA that makes our events a standout in the financial space.”

Magellan Asset Management is a leading Australian fund manager that invests in the world’s best companies. To communicate Magellan’s investment vision and worldview to clients requires a strategic and tailored approach so that its audience understands that its long-term outlook is still grounded in the immediate. For us, this was about designing, project managing and delivering an end-to-end solution that clearly delivered the Magellan message. The personal relationship developed with members of the Magellan Asset Management team throughout the planning process was the foundation for achieving an outstanding result.

The Logistics

This project involved a series of day and evening events for up to 1000 attendees, across Australia and New Zealand, with one goal in mind: to connect, engage and inspire their network of advisors. With events spanning over two weeks in Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and finally Auckland, the design, technical specifications, and logistical roadmap saw the adaptation of the big picture objective across a series of venues with unique characteristics.

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The Big Idea

It all starts with a clearly defined strategy – and, it’s safe to say that no stellar strategy exists without clear communication. Interpersonal relationships are the key – we didn’t simply state what was needed; we listened, gleaned all the information we could, and then advised on a technical solution tailored to the demographics of the audience, to yield the best possible experience. The magic started with a custom-printed stage backdrop to showcase the event theme. It featured a seamless connection with the stage setup to draw attention to the presenter. Large crowd? No biggie. We made sure all attendees had a great view of the presenter with the installment of a live camera feed and presentation screens encircling the room.

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Executing an Unforgettable Experience

Logistically speaking – producing 9 events, in 10 days, across 7 cities, in 2 countries is no easy feat. Our expertise ensured we could repurpose the hero, custom-designed stage backdrop in the most cost-effective and time efficient way … it involved a thorough understanding of freight movement and contacts on the ground.

Open communication is crucial for our clients to enjoy a great event experience – and the reality is, they enjoy the journey too. We made sure to detail equipment lists along with technical drawings and table layouts … to our client, and the venues. We managed all the safe work methods to ensure all events were compliant with regulations, and we offered a dedicated touring crew to manage the implementation of all these events at each site location. Suffice to say, the spatial design and technical requirements for all the events were delivered flawlessly.

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