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When it comes to event production, we believe no idea is too big or too small. And trust us – we’ve seen it all. From circus themes and boxing rings to seminars and road shows, we’ve delivered events of all varieties, in every corner of the globe – even the occasional cruise ship.

If we can design it, project manage it and deliver it … we’re all over it. We think creative boundaries are made to be pushed. In fact, building exciting and engaging scenarios through innovation is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

We’re not just an audio-visual company. We’ll make your event happen – no matter what it takes. We’ll manage your event from its inception until the moment you’re standing there in (or in-front of) the crowd – and we’ll do it all by listening closely to what you want, then taking the lead. Because our experience – more than 30 years – means we can integrate technology into the overall event design to make sure all the structural elements work. Seamlessly.

Sure, we pride ourselves on technical event design, but it’s people we love working with most of all. We believe trust and friendship are key to delivering a memorable event, and that collaboration is the best way to achieve the most authentic outcome. We’re proud of our long-term client relationships and we thrive off building complete trust, along with an unforgettable event.

Every word, sound and pixel on screen … or each element on a stage, can connect with your audience. Put your event in our hands and let us bring it to life.

Event Direction

It all starts with you. Your vision. Your big idea. Then we’ll make it grow. We’ll assess your key event requirements and explore venue options. Once we’ve found the perfect location for your event, we’ll get a lay of the land and start designing. We think of displays, technology types, screens, stages, audio … you get it – the whole kit and kaboodle. We’ll check every finer detail to make sure our design ideas work with the layout and facilities available. Once we’re happy that you’ll be happy, we’ll give you a proposal and of course – the all-important quote, so you know exactly where you stand. From there we’ll create a complete concept to show you how your vision will come to life.

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Content Management

Once we’re 100% satisfied with how your event looks, we’ll start organising your content. Be it video or a slideshow, your content is the jam in the event sandwich; the stuff that holds your event together and keeps your guests satiated. We’ll work out the tech specifications around sizing and once you’ve given us your core content, we’ll execute it, ensuring that both the design and existing assets marry together with the delivery. Most importantly, we’ll make sure your key brand elements are factored in, so that you and your company take the spotlight on the day.

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Technical Consulting

It goes without saying – no two events are the same. Ensuring we use systems and technology specific to your event, is absolutely key. This means assessing how many screens you’ll need; whether you need panoramic screens or multi-array; and working out how your content will be played on the day. While we’re at it, we’ll work through the order of the day and devise run-sheets and calling queues to ensure your event runs seamlessly. We’ll liaise with stage managers, lighting crews and music providers to ensure everyone is on the same page. In other words: you can leave it all up to us.

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System Design

They say it’s all in the detail. For us, that means every element of an event and how each moving part plays a role in the delivery of an unforgettable experience. We think in terms of audience reaction, but we know that the details are what make it happen; think cable systems and lighting design, right down to how many microphones we need to get the reaction you’re after (wow). If your audience is going to see it or hear it, we’re all over it. We know technology intimately – what’s available today and what we can work with in the future. You can trust us to sort everything from your PA system to your audio-visuals …. and beyond.

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Stage Design

When it comes to stage design, we think outside the box. You see, a stage isn’t just a structural element; it’s the cornerstone of any event. The place where the crowd gathers; the platform upon which your event becomes unforgettable. We’ll integrate state-of-the-art technology into your stage set-up, manipulating certain elements to ensure structure and design become one. Our architectural background helps us to see not just the stage, but the overall design of your event and how it will be perceived and experienced by your audience.

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Event Planning

An event without a plan is an event heading for trouble, organisation and planning is the cornerstone to a successful event. Starting with the objectives of the event we set goals to aim allowing us to work to a solid structure. With these objectives in mind we work through the design, layouts and creative for the event all the time keeping branding and themes in mind. The structured plan ensures all of the design is considered and inclusive of your event goals. With the design and concept sorted the planning moves into implementation where every detail is documented and a strategy is developed to deliver the event right up until the last chairs are stacked away.

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Event Management

Keeping calm onsite doesn’t come easily it takes a lot of practice and experience. We have thousands of events under our belts and while we might be thinking of a thousand things at once we are the rock to keep your event on track. Constantly on the lookout for problems which may arise to avoid them or come up with a plan b, c and even d if necessary to ensure you can focus on what is most important… your event. Bringing all of the knowledge from our planning to the fore you are in safe hands with our event managers and technical directors.

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