Equipment System Design

Cutting edge technology is what allows Inceptive to bring your visions to life, for a memorable event like no other. As such, we are meticulous about knowing our event equipment systems intimately – what they are capable of, how they collaborate with each other, and how they are best utilised.

From Disguise media servers and Barco switchers to projection mapping, LED screens, ultrawide projection and more; we only use the latest and greatest innovative technology from industry-leading brands.

As pioneers of Australia’s (and indeed the world’s) next generation in groundbreaking event design, the Inceptive team is vigilant about staying ahead of emerging trends and technologies in event equipment systems.

Australia’s premier event equipment design collective

In order to achieve a truly phenomenal event that captivates the crowd through imaginative use of design and technology, we must first master the nitty gritty details of cable systems, lighting design, amplifier wattage and software compatibility.

Rest assured, we know our equipment inside-out, and we are constantly adding to our repertoire of leading-edge technological event equipment in Melbourne, to deliver exceptional results in every corner of the world.

We utilise a vast array of high-end event equipment to achieve a distinctly unique atmosphere for every new project we take on. Taking your own event objectives into account, Inceptive will tailor our approach to the event equipment design stage – integrating our own iconic flair into the process, for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Your event equipment design is in capable hands, with Inceptive

With circus themes, boxing rings, seminars, roadshows and even cruise ships in our portfolio, Inceptive is well-versed in devising ingenious event setups in a diverse range of settings, with stunning audio-visuals to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

But the equipment is just one element of the very large operation that goes into preparing a memorable event. From event direction and content management to technical consulting and stage design; we serve as a convenient and highly reliable end-to-end solution for your entire event preparation.

By bringing us in at the initial stages of your event inception, you can enjoy peace of mind that the preparation for your event will go smoothly, within predetermined budgets and timeframes. Our team will provide you with options for upfront pricing for our event equipment systems solutions and tailored event equipment systems.

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